Really manifesting the life we’ve always imagined.


Why I believe in life coaching…

I believe the world needs a lot more people who are offering their unique gifts to humanity (humanity?… family, community, work place….themselves!!).  I believe many of us were not given the permission, nor the tools, to explore what these gifts might be as we were growing up and making our way out into the world.  I believe the soul yearns for just this; a look at what really matters… to you, about you & about the world you live in.  We can all get curious about what makes our heart happy, our soul sing, our inner world at peace…  We can all get curious about how what we discover can contribute to our own world (big or small, local or global, inside or outside our own bodies). We often need someone to collaborate with in order to uncover what really matters to us; someone to hold us accountable as we move toward manifesting this beautiful discovery in our lives; and someone to acknowledge and celebrate our victories with us as we take the journey into the life we’ve always imagined.

What this means for you, as my client…

 The relationship we create is a collaboration. You, as my client, drive the agenda.  My purpose is to encourage self-discovery…to help you find your deeper truth; to assist you in getting clear with where you want to go, and more importantly…who you want to be; to bring forth solutions and strategies that are driven by YOU in order to break through your ‘stuckness’; and to hold you responsible and accountable for the actions and steps you choose to take to get you from where you are…to where you want to be.

I would be incredibly honored to witness you as you bravely step up and into the life you want and deserve.

Please contact me  to schedule your FREE Alignment Call* and for details on life coaching packages. 

*What is an Alignment Call?  It’s a 30 minute call where we each get a feel for how we work together…  A mini coaching session, to see how well we align with one another.