I always find so much inspiration in nature. But by time I get home to write about it I’ve lost it. So I’ve taken to recording my thoughts while I’m out, then transcribing them when I get home. I’ve decided to create a series of mini-blogs based on the whispers of Mother Nature. Here is the first one. I hope you find it meaningful and helpful in some way. If so, pass it along.


As I sit here beside the stream watching a leaf swirl around and around and around in circles, repeating the same pattern over and over again, then finally breaking free and moving down stream, I think of us humans. How we can be caught in a current of thought, an old story, a way of viewing something… it repeats over and over and over again keeping us in the cycle…. nothing ever changes… around and around and around we go.

Something. Has. To. Change.

The metaphor I find here… the current of the stream is our thoughts/stories, the leaf is us. The current stays the same, thoughts and stories stay the same, around and around and around we swirl. Nothing changes. We are caught. And yet it just takes a subtle shift in the current and the leaf is set free to journey on, to explore new waters, freedom, space. To continue on to new adventures.

Nature provides us with so much if we would only…

Pause. Look. Feel.

What you see around you mirrors your life, it teaches you about “the way of things”. What wisdom does Mother Nature have for you today? I know for me I’ve just been reminded that if I keep thinking the same thoughts, I keep telling myself the same story, here I will stay swirling around and around… never to be set free into something new and exciting. It could even be a bit scary. I see some rapids downstream. Who knows what’s to come? It’s certainly better than staying in this little pool spinning in circles going nowhere, seeing nothing new. From that one spot the world is small, very small. Limited, if any, possibilities. Break free from the current, create a shift, and see what’s downstream. I’ll see you beyond the swirl, beyond the rapids… floating in glistening, crystal clear coolness.

Mother Nature’s Wisdom – THE LEAF
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