Sabbatical ~~  a rest from work, or a break, often lasting from two months to a year.  (literally a “ceasing”) — Wiki


So… I’ve decided to take a sabbatical. It was my body that allowed for the decision to become final. But it’s been brewing in some form or another in my mind since I took my first trip to India back in December. At that point I had decided to dedicate 2017 to travel. It’s something I haven’t done much of since I had kids. And even before that, owning my own business kept me from going anywhere too far, for too long. The term sabbatical hadn’t come to mind, and the way the year would look was unknown at the time, and still is honestly. Although it’s shaping up a little more clearly now. Back then it was more isolated to travel. Now it has become much more.

I’ve been feeling a lot of PUSH in my life lately. Like I was pushing everything up hill to get were I should be, get what I should have. That voice inside my head was saying, “You should be doing this. You should be doing that”.  Should.  Should.  Should.  Push. Push. Push. I imagine you’ve all heard, and done that a time or two or twenty. It all feels so hard. Why do we do that to ourselves? This crazy human experience. It’s so full of love and joy. Yet how perfectly it is paired with fear and judgement.

So what to do when we find ourselves in this “way of being”???  All PUSH, no PULL…


Sometimes in life we need to take a pause, take a step back (maybe 10 steps back), to STOP, LOOK & LISTEN. You remember that phrase? We teach it to children so they are safe as they step into the street. Perhaps we should take that same advice ourselves as we step into life.

STOP ~~ When we are always moving, always climbing, always thinking, always planning, always busy doing, we can step right into a life that will make us feel as if we were just run over by a bus.  STOP!!!! Take a deep breath, then…

LOOK ~~ Take a look around. Reeeeeally look!! At the people, the things, the space, the work, the play, the sleep, the food, the… and the time spent on/in any of these. What brings you joy? What fills you up? Do you even know? Or have you been on autopilot for so long that you’ve forgotten? This is why STOP must come first. The pause is important to be able to really look closely. Now…

LISTEN ~~ What are the voices saying? We all have little gremlins running around in our heads telling us all sorts of falsehoods. This doesn’t make us crazy. This makes us human. In there as well is the voice of your Higher Self/God/Divine Consciousness…that powerful energy of Pure Love. Unless we’ve had a good deal of practice listening for that voice it tends to be the one we don’t hear often. Boy those gremlins can sure be loud, though.



Once we STOP…take that pause….slow it all down to a halt; then LOOK around at the life we are living, what we have created consciously or unconsciously for ourselves; we can LISTEN…listen to the quiet that lies beneath the chaos. In that quiet is the truth…your truth…what is real and meant for you and you alone. Oh please do listen. It’ll guide you across the street to the beautiful unknown on the other side…YOUR LIFE on Purpose.

Here, in the quiet, is where the PULL will begin to arise. Here is where things make sense. Even if you don’t know how or why they make sense. They just do. Feel it. Embrace it. And move in the direction that you are being pulled. It takes guts, fierceness, vulnerability and a leap of faith. But when you do, it’s Oh So Freeing!! I know. I’m in it!!!!

There are people out there who aren’t going to like it. When you shift in a way that doesn’t match who they want you to be, there can be some resistance. And you know what? That’s okay. That’s not yours to worry about. That’s their stuff. Stay with the pull. Trust.

I don’t know exactly what things will look like on the other side of the street. I’m just embracing the STOP, LOOK & LISTEN.  Although, I can see some of what’s there from here. But until I am standing “over there” it is still somewhat of an unknown. For now I am loving the space I am taking up on this side. I have stopped (thank you, body, for that). I have taken a really good look around. (And will continue to do so. More to be seen, no doubt). And I am listening. Listening and Feeling. Where am I still pushing, and… what is pulling me? I am following the pull and it feels fantastic!!

The street we cross, the time we spend in SL&L, what we see, hear and feel, and what’s on the other side, will be different for each of us. You are uniquely you, as is your life.  I am uniquely me… How exciting to know there are infinite possibilities for us!

I would love to see you all out on the metaphorical curbside… remembering to STOP, LOOK & LISTEN…then beginning the journey across the street to the life you’ve always dreamed of. I can’t wait to celebrate with you when you get there!

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