“What is the soul of yoga?  Follow your heart into the center of the pose and find in the midst of detail and precision, in breath, alignment, balance, bliss, fear and sadness – at the very core of all of this is love.  Touch upon your truest nature even once and the experience of what you really are sears the psyche like the surface of the sun.  The soul of yoga, the gift within the pose is the moment of communion, resting in pure essence, the awakening as if from sleep to the face of unmistakable divinity; the ineffable wonder and living reality of spirit – oh, yes – the soul of yoga is love.”  ~ Danna Faulds

Aaaaahhh…one of my favorites.  It speaks to the whole experience; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the yoga practice and the human being. My belief is…yoga should be exactly that…a complete practice for the whole self, all while steeped in love. My teaching and personal practices include attention to alignment and breath to touch the physical and mental aspects; along with an intention, or theme, that we can also take off the mat and back into our lives. The latter then brings our emotional and spiritual being to the practice.  Classes tend to flow like a moving meditation. Conscious movement and breath united as one bringing the intention along for the ride.

My practice and teachings have shifted significantly over the years as I learn and grow and age.  As a never-ending student of yoga, and life, how could it not?  My love of yoga and humanity, and my passion to support others in becoming the very best version of themselves, has only become more evident and increasingly more important as I watch what is happening in our world.  I enjoy nothing more than tuning into what an individual, or group, is wanting for themselves; then pouring my heart and soul into supporting them in just that!

Currently I offer small group or individual private yoga sessions out of my home studio, or onsite classes/workshops that are needed for your community.  Contact me if you’re interested.  I’d be honored to share my love of yoga, and passion for transformation, with you.  ~ Namasté


Home Studio ~ one-on-one private sessions ~ semi-private and small group sessions

Onsite classes/workshops ~ these are taught at your location (business, home, community center, etc)

All privately scheduled sessions are tailored to meet the wants/needs of the individual or group.  They can also be a blend of yoga and coaching.  Contact me for more information and to schedule.